Because Talbot New Energy develops, installs and commissions its products itself, we have acquired industry-relevant expertise that we are happy to provide to interested customers.

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Shaft alignment system TKSA 51

Comprehensive shaft alignment with tablets and smartphones

The TKSA 51 is a flexible system that is equally suited to simple and complex alignment measurements. The intuitive, user-friendly system is designed for use with shaft alignment apps on a tablet or smartphone. No special user training is required. The supplied accessories enable use of the TKSA 51 for a wide range of alignment applications (motors, drives, fans, pumps, gearboxes, etc.). The system’s mobile apps include tutorial videos that show in detail how precise measurements are carried out.

  • Measurement flexibility – The user is not limited to the usual three measurement positions. The measurements can start at any angle and require a total minimal rotation of only 40 degrees. This makes alignments possible even with very limited space.
  • Automatic reports – Alignment reports are generated automatically. They can be completed with customer-specific notes and application photos. The operator can electronically sign the report on the touchscreen. The reports can be exported as PDF files and shared with other apps.
  • Comprehensive and compact – The supplied components (magnetic mounting brackets, extension rods and chains) make the TKSA 51 a versatile device that is still compact, light and easy to transport.
  • 3D real-time display – This feature enables quick alignment measurements thanks to an intuitive positioning of heads. A success notice appears when horizontal/vertical alignment correction is achieved. The app enables 3-D rotation of the virtual motor until the actual machine position is reached.
  • Disturbance compensation – Measurement values are averaged over time, guaranteeing high measurement accuracy even in the case of vibrations and other external interference.
  • Fully functional demo mode – The apps are available for download. In demo mode, the user can carry out a test shaft alignment process before purchasing.

The TKSA 51 shaft alignment system is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its compact, lightweight design, measurement flexibility and the accessories supplied enable it to be used for a large number of machines, even in difficult-to-reach locations. Using protective covers on tablets and smartphones does negatively impact the function of the TKSA 51.