The control management of the Talbot STP-plant is constructed in such a way that with non intended operating conditions, on the customer side or in the Talbot STP-plant, the Talbot STP-plant is switched automatically into a safe mode through closure of a quick-closing valve. The switch-over to the existing plant takes place simultaneously so that all systems have maximum protection and the production processes are not interrupted.


The TÜV certification for the Talbot STP-plant as an entire assembly will be concluded in the coming weeks. Thereby, TÜV confirms and verifies the conformity of the plant and installation with the statutory regulations and standards – so that the operator can be assured of the maximum operational safety and reliability of the Talbot STP plant. Additional inspections and approvals through a local testing authority are not required. Only the inlet and outlet pipes require inspection and approval by a local testing authority.


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