Innovation in Energy Efficency

Generation of environmentally friendly energy without additional CO2 emissions – as only steam that has already been produced is used.

Support for the CO2 business aims and objectives as additional electrical energy is produced without the use of further primary energy

Reduction of the carbon footprint. With every KWh of energy produced through a Talbot STP-plant, 576g CO<sub>2</sub> (2012 values) can be saved (efficiency will vary).

Reduction of energy costs and securing of the energy supply through in-house production.

Increase in energy efficiency and optimisation of the economic efficiency and profitability of existing plants.

Relief for the energy networks through in-house electricity production and utilisation.

Talbot STP

Our solution: TALBOT STP

The Talbot STP – Steam-to-Power – is an innovative series-production ready energy efficient unit for the use of industrial process steam in the low pressure range.


With the Talbot STP you can generate profitable CO2-free electrical energy for yourself and improve the energy balance of your company as well as providing sustainable and lasting relief for the environment.