The Talbot STP – Steam To Power – is an innovative, production-ready energy efficiency system to use industrial process steam in the low pressure range.

The Talbot STP lets you generate profitable electrical energy yourself, improve your company’s energy balance and sustainably relieve the burden on the environment.

The TALBOT STP's innovations

Increasing energy efficiency and optimizing the profitability of existing systems
Reducing energy costs and securing the energy supply through self-generation
Supporting corporate CO2 targets
Generating environmentally friendly energy and saving CO2 while improving the energy balance
Reducing the carbon footprint. Depending on the country, up to 600g CO2 per kWh generated
Relieving the energy grids through self-generation and use of power

News from Talbot

Case study pressure reduction before process20200325122707

Case study pressure reduction before process

Pressure reduction before process (parallel to pressure reducing valve) The Talbot STP is installed in parallel to the existi...
Case Study exhaust steam20200325115230

Case Study exhaust steam

Exhaust ( STP installed after process / condensing of remaining steam) The Talbot STP is used to convert previously unused en...